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#WorkplaceOpinion Natalie Hofman Says “Generation Alpha To Be The Richest”

In advance of the Workspace Design Talks, the show team conducted a series of content-focused spotlight sessions with conference speakers. As a result, #WorkplaceOpinion was created, featuring brief blog posts with creative insights on workplace design from the experts. Check out what Natalie Hofman, International Adviser at Facility Management Netherlands, had to say about workplace transformation and design.

How are companies using workplace design to attract and retain talent?

Looking at developments in the world, we see that shortage of labor will continue the next years. All organizations think about how to attract and retain talent. Raising salaries, finding talent outside national borders, offering hybrid work forms, divesting real estate, but also creating a healthy working environment lead to a search for creative solutions.

Generation Alpha is expected to become the richest, most highly educated and most technologically savvy generation to grow up while the world is on fire… With the arrival of Generation Alpha, every organization will have to make an effort to adapt their organization to the New Generation.

How do you see workplace transformation evolving in 2023?

Many employers complain that offices remain empty and that they no longer have a connection with their employees, some even require them to come to the office. After the Corona period, employees no longer want to go to the office every day. The question is how this will develop when autumn and winter set in and gas and energy prices continue to rise? If an employee is not compensated for the energy bill of their own home, they may choose to come to the office more often.