Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Advisory Board

Workspace Design Show is proud to announce its distinguished advisory board, comprised of renowned experts and innovators in the field. With their extensive knowledge and industry insights, this exceptional group of professionals guides the direction of the event, ensuring an unparalleled experience for attendees and exhibitors alike. Their collective expertise will shape the discourse around workspace design, exploring cutting-edge trends and fostering collaborations that redefine the future of work environments.

Vera Acsai-Varga,
EMEA North Workplace Experience and Real Estate Lead, Splunk

Casper Schwarz,
Founder, Casper Schwarz Architects

Gerda Stelpstra,
Partner | Total Workplace EMEA at Cushman & Wakefield

Daaf Serné, MCR, SLCR,
Global Head of Workplace at Miro

Renata Gilio,
Managing Director, KAAN Architecten

Mark Timo,
Founder, De Interieur Club

Raquel Machado,
Senior Associate, Design of M Moser Associates

Arne Lijbers,
Partner/Architect, Mecanoo

Mauro Brigham,
Creative Director at NCBHAM, and President at AINB

Ayça Doğan,
Head of Design at CBRE