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#WorkplaceOpinion Hans Reineke Says “Sustainability Is A Commodity”

In advance of the Workspace Design Talks, the show team conducted a series of content-focused spotlight sessions with conference speakers. As a result, #WorkplaceOpinion was created, featuring brief blog posts with creative insights on workplace design from the experts. Check out what Hans ReinekeFounding Partner at Hollandse Nieuwe, had to say about workplace transformation and design.

How do you see workplace transformation evolving in 2023?

We are currently living in a perfect storm:

  • We had a forced introduction into working from home during COVID
  • We are currently understanding what hybrid working is for different organizations
  • Organizations are downsizing the amount of square meters in use due to lower occupancy
  • Changing them into more healthy, sustainable environments with a different mix of functionalities
  • More than the important social and functional needs the office should cater for the creating of learning opportunities for formal and informal learning. 

How are companies using workplace design to attract and retain talent?

The physical workplace is best suited for curating and experiencing the unique values and identity of an organisation. This experience is crucial for current and future employees so they can connect on all levels of the senses with an organisation. This connection (and participation) will contribute to create a preference above others on the premises that it is both unique and outstanding in its appearance. 

What lessons do you think workplaces can learn from hospitality and residential design?

The top-notch workplace is focusing on taking away every barrier there is that does not contribute to the performance of the employee. This leading principle aligns with many services and principles that we know from hoteling or serviced apartments. As these parties know the game, we see an opposite movement where the workforce is finding their way in the day stay locations. Both forces are pushing the qualities that we need for environments that support high performance.

How have you been using sustainable products and implementing sustainable designs in their offices?

In our opinion sustainability is a commodity. It is not a point of discussion with our clients. To us, a sustainable environment should be:

  • Energy efficient (sustainable design);
  • Uses healthy and sustainable materials (biophilic design);
  • Contributing to mental and physical well-being (Well Certification);
  • Serves as a material source for future usage (circular design)