Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Filex and Fellowes are going together to the Workspace Design Show in Amsterdam

Filex and Fellowes have recently teamed up and are together at the Workspace Design Show coming 11 and 12 October. Here, Filex and Fellowes will show you their seamless collaboration through a challenging combination of monitor arms with electrification capabilities. Filex and Fellowes have a common mission: ”Healthy and productive working”.

During the Workspace Design Show, Filex will present to you a wide range of configurable monitor arms, CPU holders, cable management and electrification solutions. Filex creates the right solution for every situation and through circularly manufactured products, they are working together to ensure a better future.

Fellowes will introduce their new series of Rising monitor arms for the first time. The revolutionary monitor arm can be easily mounted thanks to the innovative SnapKinnect™ system and is available in as many as 9 colours, some of which you can experience on the stand.

About Filex
Founded in 1985, Filex has undergone a transformation from its modest origins into a globally distributed brand. The company’s focus revolves around enhancing workplace functionality, establishing it as a premier source for ergonomic solutions. The array of offerings includes monitor arms, workplace electrification, cable management, desk drawers, CPU holders, and an array of other essential products. Beyond these comprehensive provisions, Filex showcases captivating and inventive essentials. The conviction driving Filex is that embracing ergonomic practices, along with the incorporation of pertinent certifications and sustainable practices, markedly simplifies and heightens the safety and enjoyment of work. This philosophy underscores their commitment to facilitating effortless work in collaboration with their clientele.

About Fellowes
For over a century, Fellowes has maintained its identity as a family enterprise, steered directly by successive generations of the Fellowes family. Boasting a legacy spanning more than 100 years, Fellowes has ascended to the position of a global leader and relied-upon collaborator in furnishing solutions that cater to contemporary “WorkLife” requisites. At present, Fellowes remains dedicated to enhancing well-being and efficacy within workplaces. Their extensive repertoire encompasses furniture accessories, office machinery, advanced air purification, ergonomic remedies, and storage innovations. Collectively, they aspire to immerse individuals in the realm of workplace design, illustrating their expertise in crafting functional workspaces. A cordial invitation is extended to explore their exhibit, where innovation harmonizes seamlessly with utility.