Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

A Space To Collaborate, Create And Develop Mobility Solutions

Ditt Officemakers Project Highlight
Project: Bridgestone Mobility Solutions Amsterdam
3,675 m2
Account Manager: Nienke Schram
Designers: Mark Molenaar, Marijn de Witte
Project Managers: Roy Binneveld, Anton van Bethray
Partners: D&B The Facility Group and NDI ICT Solutions
Photo Credits: Milan Hofmans and Sabine Franke

Designing a BMS flagship office, spread over four floors in the new building called The Valley.

The primary aim of the project was to set up a strong, symbolic headquarters reflecting the activities and ambitions of the company, both in design and appearance.

The general appearance and atmosphere was to be light, transparent, dynamic and open. While designing, Ditt Officemakers made sure that the office offers a lot of space for collaboration and development.