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Tankut Mulayimsi

CEO, Co-Founder.Work

Tankut Mulayimsi, CEO, Co-Founder.Work, has recently joined the European Coworking Assembly (ECA), introducing Turkish representation to the organization’s initiatives. His addition to the Assembly not only injects a fresh perspective but also brings with it a wealth of knowledge in design and agile workplace strategies.

In recent years, the world of work has undergone a profound transformation, continuously evolving. The coworking industry, in particular, has experienced substantial growth over the past couple of years, leading to new challenges.

In response to the growing awareness of organizations regarding the physical and mental well-being of their employees, Tankut identified a gap and a pressing need for improved ergonomics, not only within coworking spaces but also across various other organizations.

Tankut embarked on his career in interior design and subsequently pursued an MBA with a focus on ergonomics and workplace dynamics in 2014. “It began as a hobby but soon evolved into a full-time career,” he recounts.

Since 2008, Tankut has been actively engaged in workplace design and solution projects, encompassing acoustic and ergonomic solutions for office spaces. During the pandemic, he extended his expertise to serve as an agile transformation consultant, collaborating with HR departments to develop home office solutions that emphasize physical, technological, and social ergonomics.

His dedication to workplace design and transformation stems from a profound belief in the potential of creating healthy and productive work environments. Tankut emphasizes the critical role of physical, technological, and social aspects of ergonomics in crafting the ideal workspace that fosters productivity and genuine satisfaction.

“Ensuring that employees and coworkers inhabit a comfortable environment can significantly enhance their productivity and yield better outcomes,” Tankut explains.

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