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Shanna Bosmans

Chief Hybrid Officer at Microsoft Netherlands

Shanna Bosmans holds the role of Chief Hybrid Officer at Microsoft Netherlands, demonstrating her commitment both internally and externally to drive the future of (hybrid) work and emphasizing the importance of cultivating a company culture needed to make it a success. With eight years of experience in the tech industry, she has a holistic view on the future of work; a workplace where culture, tech and innovation come together. For example, topics like: AI and the impact on work, wellbeing at work, physical minimum (role of the office), (neuro)diversity in the workplace, generational differences, (re)skilling in work and the leadership it takes to manage all these and more developments.

It is Shanna’s mission is to start the conversation everywhere about creating a sustainable work environment where all employees thrive. This working environment can never be one-size-fits-all but must be aligned with the norms and values of the organization: a working environment that is dynamic and continues to adapt to the changing world and organizational landscape. Based on her own experiences as a manager and leader, she curiously and critically follows the skills & mindset that leaders and managers need to give meaning to employees and allow organizations to flourish. Shanna has an academic background in business administration with a focus on change management, knowledge management and HR.

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