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Sarah Bolas

Director at HCG

Sarah has twenty years of experience leading complex change programmes across a variety of sectors. Sarah founded her own successful leadership and change consultancy before focusing on the unparalleled leveraging opportunity that altering space and workplace strategy has in driving change and shaping culture and behaviours. Sarah’s key skill is in building executive alignment around the core issues to create a compelling narrative that drives behavioural change in the most comfortable way possible, putting people at the heart.

Sarah is an advanced facilitator, executive coach, NLP Practitioner and PSPMA Advanced Programme Manager who believes in building internal change capability as a fundamental of every project. She is most at home in disrupted industries and environments where ambiguity and complexity are the only certainties and is an advocate for bringing greater understanding of psychology and neuroscience to the process of change to deliver ‘brain friendly’, but powerful change interventions.

Sarah regularly presents at various Workplace and HR events and is often invited to speak to the marked changes in the world around us in boardrooms that want the reassurance they are not alone in navigating these unprecedented disruptions to the world of work, and strategic steer on the best practice approach to reconnecting their culture to their strategic aims.

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