Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Niels Kramer

Creative Director EMEA, Tetris

Niels has a very clear view of his (and his team’s) designs but always keeps an open mind when it comes to the needs of his clients. He never forgets the human scale and experience which is so important these days. He is a very hands-on designer which thinks of practicalities and always tries to implement new or innovative ways of using the designated space. Niels is an enthusiastic sparring partner when it comes to translating a program of requirements into a spatial design. His specialty is to create conceptual designs and the storytelling behind it.

Before becoming an interior architect he worked as a program-maker for festival-, television- and the movie industry. This different way of seeing things is complementary to designing places people enjoy. He has a wide range of interests ranging from sustainable architecture & design, daylight entrance, furniture design and last but not least, Niels is an all-board-sports practitioner/lover together with his 2 sons.

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