Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Maarten Jamin

Founder of BS;BP Design Collective, Chief Design Officer for IWG

Maarten Jamin has 30 years of experience in interior architecture and design. He feels fortunate to have worked with some of the best. People who have allowed him to develop his instinct for quality, useability and design. Maarten considers Sevil Peach, concept designer of co-working brand Spaces, one of his most inspiring mentors, and he credits Ratan Chada, founder of Mexx and CitizenM, and Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, for honing his business acumen. Maarten wants to draw attention to the importance of designing with the 4th dimension in mind: time. Meaning, design decisions that future-proof projects, creating flexibility and true sustainability. Time is a critical factor in the 15-minute city too. Travel, time-share, space-share are all interconnected and shaped by design.

With a rich and diverse career, Maarten worked alongside esteemed designers, consultants, brands, and interior builders. His design experience spans the creative, client, and production side. In 2012, Maarten founded better space; better people (bs;bp), an international collective of interior architects and studios. With a portfolio featuring over 500 projects in more than 20 countries, bs;bp serves prestigious clients like IWG, Picnic, Dustin, Bestseller, Tommy Hilfiger, Selfridges, and the city of Amsterdam. As a collective, bs;bp fosters collaboration among like-minded designers, providing top-notch services with the dedication of independent entrepreneurs. Additionally, Maarten works as Chief Design Officer at IWG, the global leader in flexible offices. Last but not least, Maarten is passionate about competitive sailing and a four-time world champion in the Yngling class.

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