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Linda Salamoun

Lighting Designer, Deerns

Linda is a specialist lighting designer within Deerns (engineering consultancy firm). She has been working 18 years for consultancy firms and has specialised in lighting design for the past 14 years.

Within Deerns she works within larger interdisciplinary projects as the lighting designer as well as leading standalone lighting design projects, which vary from very technical to thinking more creatively within a space.

With experience in a wide range of sectors including commercial, museums, educational, healthcare and transportation she understands the importance of finding the right balance between visual comfort, intrigue, energy efficiency and functionality. Having worked on projects across the world she has experienced the different approaches to the building industry and lighting design. She has used this experience to find the right manner of communicating the importance of lighting within architecture.

Linda has been actively involved in the lighting community, trying to integrate lighting design within the wider design and construction community. She contributed to the RIBA conservation lectures in 2019 and 2020, as well as speak at different lighting conferences, received the 40 under 40 lighting designer award in 2018, was active chair for 2 year and now still on the communications committee of CIBSE SLL and has just joined the design team of the NSVV.

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