Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Justin Timmer

Representative, Systems Innovation Network Amsterdam Hub

Justin loves to draw, write, think, experiment, and play. He uses many media to express himself and to find connections towards a better future. He imagines utopian worlds where nature and technology co-evolve through drawings and writing. He facilitates workshops to reach systems innovations. He loves to talk about complexity theory, patterns, and feedback loops. While he also does (self) research to improve (work)life, develops games, objects and many other things for fun and for a better world. Just take a stroll across his website:

In short, Justin can’t really be categorized but rather sees himself as an adaptive fluid, playing with energy, dynamics, feedback loops, fractals, balance, synchrony, and ecosystems. He’s aware those are fuzzy words but loves to explain what they mean to him because he believes these are essential for creating a new paradigm of doing things, and being able to thrive and sustain ourselves in this universe.

This is the reason why Justin is the co-representative of the Amsterdam hub of the Systems Innovation Network, and provides talks and workshops on his personal title ( Also, with a background in research, blogging, project management, product management, and a Master’s degree in Human movement sciences, Justin has many branches he is able to evolve further and connect together.

Now, Justin is hoping to apply his thoughts and visions to innovative projects that actually improve the flow of energy leading to a regenerative world. If you feel like we can mean something to each other and connect our branches, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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