Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Alexa Lightner

Consultant, Lightner Insights

Alexa is an Amsterdam-based independent consultant with a focus on teaching and coaching individuals, teams, and organizations to adopt the skills, mindsets, and collaboration infrastructures (tools, processes, and norms) necessary to communicate effectively and thrive in the modern workplace, both as individuals and as a collective.

After obtaining her Masters degree in Professional Communications, she opened and ran one of Boston’s first coworking spaces in 2013, where she developed processes and norms to nurture and grow a thriving community where hundreds of people from different companies and industries could work harmoniously in the same space. Later, she was the first customer-facing employee of an MIT-backed Organizational Network Analysis startup that coined the term “People Analytics.” In her role as Head of Customer Success, she partnered with global large enterprise organizations to quantitatively measure and enhance their informal collaboration networks through targeted workplace interventions. Now, as an independent consultant, she works with clients across various industries in the U.S. and Europe, tailoring programs to meet their unique needs.

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