Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

OCS+ and Steelcase Transform TCS Pace Port™ Amsterdam into a Vibrant Work Environment, Boosting Digital Innovations

TCS Pace Port™ Amsterdam, an Innovation Hub by Tata Consultancy Services, has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the collaborative efforts of OCS+, Steelcase, DZAP, and Downstream. This comprehensive project, encompassing design and furnishing, has resulted in a vibrant work environment that perfectly aligns with TCS’s global leadership in innovative digital transformation.

The hub serves as a platform for TCS customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey and foster creative solutions. By offering an immersive experience, TCS Pace Port™ Amsterdam allows customers to develop digital innovations and gain valuable insights before committing to substantial investments, significantly increasing the chances of success.

Within the hub, visitors embark on an exciting journey along the “Innovation Boulevard” accompanied by TCS professionals. The spaces along this informal boulevard are thoughtfully designed to fully support digital transformations and showcase their potential. The Think Space encourages collaborative problem-solving, while the Pop-up Media Lab and Makers Space offer opportunities to explore possibilities.

To facilitate intensive inspiration sessions, Agile Workspaces are available, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in future experiences in their respective industries. Through co-innovation and the use of digital and technology-driven tools, the vibrant environment stimulates creativity and facilitates the generation of valuable insights.

By providing customers with the right insights and experiences, TCS Pace Port™ Amsterdam equips them with the necessary knowledge to embark on their digital transformation journey confidently, ensuring successful implementation of new products and services utilizing digital solutions.

Nilesh Patil, Director – TCS Pace, Europe, commended the design, stating, “The design inspires creative solutions and accelerates digital innovations.” The TCS Pace Port Amsterdam team recognizes the significant impact of the vibrant work environment in driving forward-thinking initiatives and fostering a culture of innovation.

The Approach:

Concept: The innovative working environment concept, specifically tailored for TCS, seamlessly integrates the latest equipment. The color palette, featuring TCS Pace™ branding colors of purple, orange, and yellow, was carefully selected to align with TCS’s visual identity. Drawing inspiration from the state-of-the-art Steelcase Learning and Innovation Center (LINC) in Munich, TCS was invited to experience firsthand how different zones within a main concept can support various goals and activities. Subsequently, OCS+ collaborated with TCS and Steelcase to finalize the concept plan.

Design: The branding and dynamics of the environment were integrated into the appropriate work settings. By discussing these work settings in detail with TCS, the key needs for each zone became very clear. This resulted in a highly creative and innovative proposal of applications that seamlessly aligned with the goals and needs of TCS. TCS enthusiastically embraced this final proposal.

Realisation: The transparent collaboration among all parties, with each focusing on their expertise, resulted in an Innovation Hub that exemplifies TCS’s core qualities: innovation, collaboration, and development. The end result clearly showcases a new culture in a flexible setting, accommodating both events and innovative high-end showcases. Supported by the interior design, the Hub exudes professionalism. The chosen layout of the neutral, efficient, and interactive spaces underscores the quality and positivity of TCS without overwhelming. The event spaces, Makers Spaces, Agile Work Spaces, and phone booths together create a dynamic, vibrant working environment that is functional and appealing to both clients and young professionals. It is a work environment in which TCS enjoys collaborating with clients to create groundbreaking innovative digital transformations.

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