Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Ace Headquarters in Amsterdam: A Dynamic Workspace Blending Work and Social Connections

Ace, a thought-leading advertising agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has recently unveiled its innovative headquarters, known as TANK Netherlands. This project, developed in collaboration with ACE HQ, showcases a unique approach to workspace design that emphasizes connection, creativity, and a harmonious blend of work and social interactions. With a focus on fostering collaboration and inspiring its team and clients, TANK Netherlands represents a new way of working that goes beyond traditional office spaces.

The Space:
TANK Netherlands features a ground floor designed to facilitate creativity and make a positive impact on society. The space is hyper-versatile, capable of accommodating various activities and moods. The agency’s vision of “creating waves” comes to life in this dynamic environment, where anything is possible. The design encourages experimentation, collaboration, and the exploration of new ideas.

The Design:
The design of TANK Netherlands is guided by key principles such as authenticity, boldness, culture, and energy. The architects maintained the building’s original architecture and added the interior as a separate layer, creating a distinct aesthetic. One of the standout features is the bright red staircase at the core of the space, serving as a bold statement symbolizing connection and the expression of opinions. Biophilic design elements are incorporated, with abstracted islands and surrounding paths, providing a calming and natural atmosphere. The use of rounded shapes and corners throughout the space ensures easy navigation and a sense of comfort.

Connection and Collaboration:
Ace’s philosophy of bringing different people together is fully embodied in TANK Netherlands. The office serves as a meeting place for the agency’s team, clients, and colleagues, fostering collaboration and creative problem-solving. The space goes beyond the traditional boundaries of work, providing areas of interest where employees and clients can connect on a personal level. This seamless integration of work and social gathering is a testament to Ace’s commitment to creating a vibrant and inspiring workplace.

Credits and Collaborators:
TANK Netherlands is the result of a collaboration between Ace, various design studios, and skilled professionals. Renders for the project were provided by BLOK STUDIO, showcasing the stunning visualizations of the space. Other collaborators include Smörgåsbord Studio, Vincent Venema, Roeland de Ponti, Woodwork, Thndr, Brandwacht & Meijer, Vantot, Donkersloot, BigBrands, Bloei, Aviste, Mega Elektra, Beuk Horeca, Vermaat, who contributed their expertise to bring the project to life.

TANK Netherlands, the new headquarters of Ace, sets a new standard for workspace design by prioritizing connection, creativity, and collaboration. This innovative environment encourages employees and clients to connect on a deeper level beyond work-related tasks, fostering a sense of community and inspiring new ideas. With its dynamic design, biophilic elements, and versatile spaces, TANK Netherlands epitomizes the future of workspaces and represents the evolving nature of the modern workplace.