Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Bringing together the Benelux workplace design community

5 - 6 November 2025 RAI Amsterdam

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Leading the conversation on the future of workplace interiors

After the resounding success of the inaugural Workspace Design Show, we are delighted to announce the next dates on 5 – 6 November 2025 at the RAI Amsterdam.

Workspace Design Show brings together the Benelux workplace interiors community to explore the experience of tomorrow’s workspaces.

Now more than ever, the future is based on togetherness, collaboration, and the spirit of cooperation. Workspaces need to create environments that foster creativity and innovation, while also being agile for the flexible working models that people require.

Visit Netherlands’ leading workplace interiors and design event, bringing you networking, thought leadership and the latest products to transform offices.

2023 Speakers

2023 Photo Highlights

The Workspace Design Talks & Occupiers Forum

Bringing you over 25 panel discussions across two power-packed conferences, from 90+ speakers, who share their insights on the latest trends in workplace design and workplace strategy.

Workspace Design Talks brings the commercial interior design industry’s most inspiring and creative leaders to discuss and debate the future of workspace design featuring thought leaders from firms such as UNStudio, CBRE, MVRDV, Powerhouse Company, Cushman & Wakefield, MVSA, AECOM, Arup, Colliers, M Moser Associate, HofmanDujardin and more. Workplace statistics reveal that more and more companies want to develop working environments better suited for a diverse multi-generational workforce. It is now more important than ever to design workplaces for people.

The Occupiers Forum brings you a captivating series of panel discussions featuring insightful perspectives from End-users/Occupiers. Hear from ING, Philips, EY, Microsoft, Rabobank, De Brauw, Ericsson and more, how they are shaping the future of workspace design and creating exceptional workplaces that employees truly desire.

Features for the workplace community

Workspace Design Talks Lounge

The Workspace Design Talks will take place in Square One created by CBRE, a stage design sponsored by Workbrands to host panel discussions. As an epicenter of design democracy, CBRE designed the space as a backdrop for many different discussions on a variety of topics, inspired by the ancient city square in Greece, the Agora. Throughout history, the agora has served as a fundamental gathering place for communities, embodying the ideals of democratic discourse, collaboration, and harmonious coexistence with the natural world. It represents a timeless archetype—a space where individuals come together to engage in intellectual pursuits, debate ideas, and collectively shape the course of their society.

In order to align seamlessly with Workbrands’ mission and operational approach, they challenged CBRE to design the entire setup in a circular manner. This direction reflects their dedication to hosting a lounge that contributes to a sustainable future. To minimize the carbon footprint, the featured elements will be re-used after the show.

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Occupiers Forum Space

The Occupiers Forum, designed by Hollandse Nieuwe, centers around the concept of the modern workplace. In recent years, the idea of work and where it occurs has been a prominent topic of discussion, driven by lockdowns, remote work, and hybrid solutions. With no definitive ‘new normal’ to rely on, the Occupiers Forum serves as a platform for these important conversations. It not only highlights attitudes surrounding the idea of the workplace but also reflects the climate in which these spaces are conceived and developed and creating a fitting backdrop for the many inspiring panel discussions scheduled during the Workspace Design Show. Sustainability and circularity, integral to workplace projects and conversations, are embodied in the stand’s Zero-sum design, where every component is returned, recycled, or reused.

The design itself draws inspiration from the simplicity of billboards, a versatile communication tool capable of engaging the entire venue, and with the potential to communicate in different ways. The bold design of the stand is simultaneously thought-provoking and welcoming.

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Networking Party

Connect with a diverse community of like-minded professionals in an intimate yet exclusive and fun gathering. Exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and expand your professional network during dedicated networking sessions and social events. Meet with architects, interior designers, developers, end-user occupiers, fit-out companies and other key stakeholders in the Benelux workplace interiors industry.

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Moodboard Contest

Join us for an experience like no other, where visitors and exhibitors become sources of artistic inspiration. The Moodboard Contest, sponsored by Sedus, Woven Image and Mute, is an exciting interactive competition allowing you to engage directly with exhibitors’ products and create stunning mood boards using their products and materials. Our fantastic judging panel of leading interior designers will select the winner, who will receive a €600 euro contribution towards a weekend break.

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Workspace Design Show London

Workspace Design Show also takes place at the Business Design Centre in London, and the next event dates are 26 – 27 February 2025. The London edition will uncover new themes, trends, and interactive workplace design from over 100 exhibiting brands and designers.

Discover new concepts in office furniture, technology, lighting, surfaces, and so much more. Hear from thought leaders and disruptors within the workplace. This is the UK’s only exhibition that is solely dedicated to the industry of workplace design.

Discover the innovators at Workspace Design Show

Where creativity, functionality, and productivity converge to shape the future of work environments. This dynamic event brings together a curated selection of creative companies that are revolutionizing workspace design. Each participant is dedicated to transforming traditional offices into vibrant, flexible, and inspiring spaces that empower individuals and fuel collaboration.

Explore the participating companies below and get ready to be inspired by their innovative products, visionary concepts, and forward-thinking solutions.

“I am here to promote our brand to people with interior projects. This is our first fair as a brand/company, and it’s a brilliant day for us! The show is crowded, intimate, with an ideal audience that is engaged, providing time to speak and connect. It’s a really good show size.”

Bert Bakkeren, Inofec
“I come to Workspace Design Show due to its new location and the chance to introduce our new concept and design to a local, engaged audience. The highlight for me is meeting so many new contacts, including architects and designers, which offers us opportunities for new projects.”
Sven Rasmussen-Bonne, Kettal
“Our first time exhibiting in Amsterdam gives us the opportunity to have direct contact and meet high-quality people. The highlight is the very high level of speakers and attendees, including strong international groups. I’ve spoken to visitors from quality companies such as Nike, Belgium railways, and the European commissions, making it feel like a high-level, exclusive quality show.”
Hans Trilsbeek, Wilkhahn
“Workspace Design Show is the perfect place for us to showcase our products as a workplace-specific fair for our sector. The highlight is the interesting opportunity to show the A+D market more about our brand, and the chance to show our wider offering to the appropriate audience.”
Ellen Hermans, Rockfon
“We are here because it’s a place where architects and the A+D community come together. We aim for direct contact with the A+D market, and the chance for architects to speak directly with us, the manufacturer. The highlight for me is the international audience, and the show’s location is really well located and super easy to get to.”
Onno Mazer, Sedus
“We hardly ever exhibit; we only pick 1 or 2 shows per year and Workspace Design Show fits the bill. The perfect crowd is the highlight for us. The show is a huge success so people will expect and want it to return!”
Jenny Lundén, +Halle
“I am here for the opportunity to showcase new products. It’s a show not to be missed as we know many of our new clients are here, as well as competitors of ours. It’s highly important we remain present in the market. The highlight is showing our new product line to lots of new clients and architects. I highly recommend a visit, for the really interesting talks programme, with the opportunity to make really good connections. There’s a diverse range of attendees from different countries.”
Naomi Van Bezouw, Mikomax

“As a manufacturer, we want to be in contact with designers and architects, which is definitely achieved with the audience at WDS. The highlight for me is the high-quality end users and customers, as well as meeting in person a lot of our regular dealers.”

Hans Schippers, CEHA Europe BV
“My crew and I explored the received an invitation to the Workspace Design Show. Intrigued by what we saw online, including the various interviews and talks, we decided to attend. The fabrics from Woven Image were a standout discovery for us, something I had never seen before and found very impressive. We found the whole experience at the Workspace Design Show so enriching that I plan to bring my whole team along the next time. I highly recommend attending Workspace Design Show, given its diverse and fascinating offerings.”
Alexander Danish, Ubisoft
“We’re thrilled to be at the Workplace Design Show for the first time in Amsterdam, marking our third participation overall. Our highlight is expanding into the European market, and this show in Amsterdam is a significant step for us. The caliber of attendees here is impressive, largely due to the excellent guest speakers. It’s been advantageous for us to be present, meeting with both direct clients and A&D, which has been fantastic. I’ve been engaged in non-stop conversations, a testament to the show’s value for networking and learning. The guest speakers have been exceptional, offering great insights. I wholeheartedly recommend the Workplace Design Show to both exhibitors and visitors. It’s an ideal platform for showcasing new products, meeting clients, and networking within the industry. The combination of high-quality attendees and speakers makes this an incredible event. We’re pleased with our decision to participate in this Amsterdam edition and look forward to future shows.”
Alexandra Levy, Woven Image
“The topics discussed at the Workspace Design Show, particularly those about the future of workspaces, have greatly intrigued me. I’m interested in understanding how my colleagues approach these subjects and in designing for the future workspace. A highlight for me was our team’s opportunity to design the Workspace Design Talks Lounge. This project, completed in collaboration with Workbrands, was a proud achievement for our talented design team. I would highly recommend the Workspace Design Show to professionals in the office industry. The event is not just about the engaging topics and the showcased furniture; it’s also an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration. The chance to meet new people and work together is invaluable, making this show highly beneficial for my colleagues and others in the field.”
Ayca Dogan, Head of Design, CBRE

“Our participation in the Workspace Design Show in Amsterdam stems from our long-standing presence in the Dutch market since 1989, though this is our first exhibition here. Based in southern Netherlands, we’re expanding our reach, seeking new dealerships and business opportunities around Amsterdam. This show offers us a chance to showcase our new collection. Bisley has a 90-year legacy, primarily known for steel storage, but we’re eager to demonstrate our current, lesser-known offerings. The first day of the show has been remarkable, especially in terms of visitor quality. Since opening at 9:30 AM, we’ve had a constant stream of high-caliber visitors, including architects, dealers, and corporate clients. It’s been one of our busiest shows with more leads than expected. The show’s success is not just about the number of visitors but also their high level of engagement. We’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow. The show, set in Amsterdam, has been excellently organized, featuring insightful talks and a diverse range of exhibitors. I highly recommend it and Bisley plans to return in the future.”

Robin Bayliss, Group Enterprise Director, Bisley

“We exclusively collaborate with Dutch designers and manufacture everything in the Netherlands, a fact we take great pride in. Our products are primarily used in offices, leisure sectors, schools, and healthcare facilities. We chose to participate in the Workspace Design Show because, although we operate internationally, our focus is currently on the Dutch market. Each year, we’re part of the Design District show, but the Workspace Design Show approached us, presenting an opportunity to tap into different markets and connect with more architects and potential clients. For us, the highlight of the show has been the surprisingly high attendance, exceeding the expected 2,500 people. It’s been an excellent platform for networking, showcasing our collection, and engaging with our primary audience of architects and interior architects. Seeing other familiar brands regretting not participating reaffirmed our decision. This turnout, exceeding expectations, was the biggest highlight for us. To those who missed this year’s Workspace Design Show, I highly recommend attending next year, whether as a brand or a visitor. The show offers tremendous opportunities, vibrant energy, and a great atmosphere. It’s filled with state-of-the-art brands showcasing innovative and fresh designs, a delightful surprise for us as well.”

Bob Valckx, Spoinq
“I’m attending the Workspace Design Show to connect with my peers and explore the incredible lineup of speakers. We were also given the exciting opportunity to design the Forum here, which is another great reason to participate. Upon arriving this morning, I was impressed by the number of attendees right from the first day, which is a testament to the show’s success. For me, the essence of this event is about people – not just the great exhibitors and products, but more importantly, the opportunity for meeting and sharing knowledge with others in the industry. A highlight for me has been the chance to interact with so many peers and partners, which I find truly amazing. For future Workspace Design Shows, I suggest adding more talks and richer content to further drive engagement. Also, considering we’re architects, perhaps exploring even more inspiring locations could enhance the experience. I recommend the Workspace Design Show to anyone looking to share knowledge, discover innovations, and enjoy a good time. It’s the perfect blend of professional enrichment and social enjoyment. So, if you’re into celebrating innovation and ending the day with a great party, this is definitely the place to be.”
Hans Reineke, Founder, Hollandse Nieuwe
“I attended the Workspace Design Show in Amsterdam, my first show since moving here, to explore the latest in office design and composites. The show has been an inspiring experience for me, showcasing fresh and stylish designs from various countries and companies. It’s fascinating to see the evolution of office design, focusing on comfort, style, utility, and transformation. Every company here seems dedicated to creating more comfortable and functional workspaces, a necessity considering the amount of time we spend at work. It’s hard to single out any one company because they’re all contributing beautifully to this trend. What stands out to me is the overall direction office design is taking – towards more comfort and practicality. The show is a melting pot of diverse ideas and innovations from many different countries, offering a variety of styles and approaches. The people here are just as impressive as the designs – friendly and engaging. This has made my first visit to the show a memorable one, and I would definitely recommend it to others. The combination of interesting designs, fresh ideas, and lovely people makes the Workspace Design Show a must-visit event. I’m looking forward to attending again and exploring more of these creative and comfortable innovations.”
Kristina Esenina, Esenins Design Studio
“We’re showcasing our innovative re-furniture project at the Workspace Design Show, a collaborative effort with Hollands & Nieuwe. Our presence here, especially at the Occupiers Forum, allows us to display not only our furniture but also our exciting new project. This project focuses on refurbishing, redesigning, and rebranding furniture, which I believe is almost revolutionary in the refurbished furniture market. A standout feature of the Workspace Design Show is the caliber of speakers. The lineup includes many interesting figures not typically seen at other design fairs, which draws a significant crowd to our booth and others, like CBRE’s. The discussions they lead on profound issues in the design industry are truly enlightening. For those considering attending next year, I highly recommend it. Despite being a small and short show, it’s incredibly effective. In just a few hours, you can update yourself on the latest trends, visit all the booths, attend lectures, and network with colleagues. It’s an excellent opportunity to see all the brands, listen to insightful lectures, and connect with industry peers. I’m already looking forward to next year’s show and encourage others to join us for this wonderful, efficient, and informative event.”
Marc van Nederpelt, DUM
“The reason I’m here is to explore the new materials and the rapid evolution in interior design being showcased. Seeing these advancements come to life at the show has been a highlight for me. Particularly impressive were the panel discussions, addressing urgent topics in the design world. I had the opportunity to be part of a discussion on circular design, which is essential for the future of interior design. These discussions are a must for anyone looking to stay ahead in the field. If you couldn’t attend the show today, I highly recommend catching up on the talks online. It’s important to experience what’s happening in the industry beyond our computer screens. The Workspace Design Show is an excellent platform for this, offering a unique mix of well-known and emerging brands. It’s a great opportunity to discover new ideas and innovations that could shape the future of design. I encourage professionals to attend the Workspace Design Show to stay informed about new designs and companies. It’s an event where you can learn new things and gain insights that might not be part of your daily routine, making it invaluable for staying current in our field.”
Timo Cardol, KAAN Architecten
“We had a great day at the event. Our booth attracted a diverse crowd, including architects, design and build companies, and our dealers. Many visitors were keen to learn about our company, Vepa, and the unique story we have to share. Reflecting on the day, I’m pleased to say it was very successful. We’re extremely happy with the interest and engagement we received, and we’re looking forward to what comes next.”

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