Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Tihana Rapic

Marketing Consultant, Campari Group

Tihana Rapic is the ex-Marketing Director at Campari Group Benelux, where she lead the teams and brands for the last 13 years.

Tihana believes that a strong company culture, and how the teams feel, live and engage within it deeply contribute to a great performance. Consequently, the office spaces are a key element in company culture: a place where people feel welcomed, where they can chat or collaborate, where they can be creative or concentrated, where they can exchange or laugh, and always celebrate. An environment that creates everyday engagement and inspiration.

Tihana has spread this belief at Campari Group Benelux and, since recently, embraces a Marketing Consultant role, leveraging her 20 years’ experience to strengthen organisations and brands in their strategies and growth ambitions.

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