Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Lizette Engelen

Community Lead, Global Workplace Community & Innovation at Ericsson

Lizette Engelen is an endlessly curious workplace enthusiast, combining a researcher and practitioner’s role. Her Facility Management Masters at the University of Greenwich, combined with the Responsible Organization Academy, Strategic HR, Radboud University, matched with her broad experience across different sectors and organisations, have enabled her to deliver holistic, innovative work environments requiring sensitivity to culture, people, processes and services: Meeting people where they are.

With more than 25 years’ experience having been part of huge transformations in hospitals in Europe, Lizette aims to deploy best practices based on many lessons learned and specialise in inclusive evidence based design Working from a holistic perspective. The interplay of Real Estate, Facilities, IT, HR and Communication, forms the foundation of her work, and she is always happy to inspire, share and discuss. Currently Lizette brings her wealth of experience in developing and positioning the employee experience as a contributor to business performance to the Global Workplace Community & Innovation, Real Estate at Ericsson. As a community lead she will aid transformation of the value impact of Ericsson’s workplace.

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