Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Anne van 't Hoog

Commercial Manager, Creative Valley

Anne van ‘t Hoog is the Commercial Manager at Creative Valley, driven by a relentless passion for hospitality and a mission to revolutionize the workplace experience. The days of uninspiring cubicles and lifeless offices are gone, as Anne and her team aim to create workspaces that people genuinely look forward to being in.

With a background in the hospitality industry spanning several years, Anne has been overseeing the sales, marketing, and community aspects of Creative Valley for the past four years. A natural connector, she excels at bringing people together and fostering a vibrant sense of community within the workspace.

At Creative Valley, Anne and her team prioritize people, infusing warmth and hospitality into every corner of their workspaces. Thoughtfully crafted spaces and curated events are the pillars of their approach, creating an environment that ignites creativity and nurtures innovation.

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