Workspace Design Show Amsterdam

Anna King

Anna King

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The Occupiers Forum will feature over 40 speakers across 12 interactive panel discussions, exploring how some of the Benelux leading companies are creating and engaging and experiential workplace environment for their employees.

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Discover a unique event experience that transcends the boundaries of artistic inspiration at the upcoming Workspace Design Show, taking place from 11 – 12 October at RAI, Amsterdam. This event will bring together the Benelux workplace interiors community in a dynamic exploration of the future of experiential workspaces.

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Workspace Design Show brengt in de RAI op 11 en 12 oktober 2023 bedrijven, architecten, ontwerpers en eindgebruikers uit de hele wereld samen en is de ultieme hub voor werkplekinterieurs met meer dan 300 zowel lokale als internationale fabrikanten, merken en leveranciers.

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Het is alweer bijna tijd voor de Workspace Design Show. Deze beurs wordt op 11 en 12 oktober gehouden in de RAI, Amsterdam; tijdens dit evenement komen kantoorinrichters uit de Benelux samen om de toekomst van inspirerende werkplekken te verkennen.

Designing Tomorrow’s Workspaces: Workspace Design Show from 11 – 12 October at the RAI, Amsterdam

"In the ever-evolving realm of design, workspaces have transcended their conventional roles to become hubs of innovation and boundless creativity," remarks Esha Bark-Jones, the Event Director of the Workspace Design Show. Amidst this exciting transformation, the Workspace Design Show emerges as a dynamic and inspiring event that promises to reshape the way we envision and experience workplaces.